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My name's Grace and .I am a Freelance Social Media Marketer who launched my business on Instagram in December 2018. Since then, I’ve used Instagram to gain over 30 clients and generated a 5 figure income… That’s not including the income I’ve generated through Instagram for my clients! Want to know my recipe for success? Then read on to find out if this is the Masterclass for you.
Instagram Masterclass Course


Ellen, Songbird Copywriting


  • You’re a small business owner who doesn’t have triple digits to give someone for a course or outsource to a social media manager just yet!

  • You want to use Instagram to drive sales for your products or services but aren’t getting the results you want or don’t know where to start…

  • You’re a social media manager, or want to be a social media manager, and need a bit of help with understanding and going through the process.


Lisa, Lavender Green Notebooks


A precise & concise roadmap to using Instagram for your biz

When I first started out as a social media manager, I had to learn a lot of things very quickly. What would have been useful is a roadmap that covered everything about Instagram. Something that gave the key information in a way that’s easy to understand and, more importantly, actionable. So, now with a Masters’ under my belt and experience working with over 35 clients, that’s exactly what I’ve done. This masterclass is exactly that! An Instagram business roadmap to generating an ROI from that feed. It’s exactly what I use for my clients up until this day!


What you'll get in this Masterclass

  • 9 modules

  • 23 classes

  • 35 audio clips


  • 1 eBook


£29.97. That’s £3.33 per module, £1.30 per class, and just 85p per audio clip. I’ve even included a free eBook on Target Marketing to help you refine your audience.

I'm ready to begin my Instagram strategy!


Yeah, it is really really cheap and is worth A LOT more. But the most important thing to me was that it was accessible. To everyone. I’ll be honest with you - there’s no fancy production in this course, you’re not paying for HD videos or high quality audio clips or a Adobe InDesign slideshow with illustrations I drew. You’re paying for my expertise, that’s it. I did that deliberately. Because it’s my mission to bring expert marketing to the masses, and if I charged a huge amount, I wouldn’t be fulfilling my purpose.


Enroll before I change my mind and up the price!

Let's Go!

Masterclass Breakdown

  • 1


    • Welcome to meaningful marketing's Instagram Masterclass!
    • Audio for Introduction
  • 2

    MODULE 1: Understanding Instagram & Pre-Requisites for this Course

    • What you need to know before starting this course...
    • Module 1 Intro Audio
    • CLASS 1: Why an Instagram account is fundamental to businesses.
    • Module 1 Class 1 Audio
    • CLASS 2: Instagram Business Set Up
    • Module 1 Class 2 Audio
  • 3

    MODULE 2: Your Profile

    • Optimizing your profile
    • CLASS 1: A Good Profile Picture
    • Module 2 Class 1 Audio
    • CLASS 2: Optimizing your Instagram Bio
    • Instagram Masterclass Profile Checklist - www.meaningfulmarketing.org
    • Module 2 Class 2 Audio
  • 4

    MODULE 3: Defining your audience and your goals

    • Target Marketing for Instagram
    • Module 3 Audio Intro
    • CLASS 1: Who are your audience?
    • Module 3 Class 1 Audio
    • CLASS 2: Where are your audience?
    • Module 3 Class 2 Audio
    • CLASS 3: How will you reach them?
    • Module 3 Class 3 Audio
    • Instagram Masterclass Target Market Finder - www.meaningfulmarketing.org
    • FREE eBook - Target Marketing by www.meaningfulmarketing.org
  • 5

    MODULE 4: Developing your content strategy

    • Strategic Content Marketing
    • Module 4 Audio Introduction
    • CLASS 1: What will attract your audience?
    • Module 4 Class 1 Audio
    • CLASS 2: How will you create content?
    • Module 4 Class 2 Audio
    • CLASS 3: Writing captions
    • Module 4 Class 3 Audio
    • CLASS 4: Integrating IGVTV
    • Module 4 Class 4 Audio
    • Instagram Masterclass Content Marketing Strategy - www.meaningfulmarketing.org
  • 6

    MODULE 5: Hashtags

    • Using Hashtags Strategically
    • Module 5 Intro Audio
    • CLASS 1: How do hashtags work?
    • Module 5 Class 1 Audio
    • CLASS 2: How to find good hashtags
    • Module 5 Class 2 Audio
    • CLASS 3: Hashtags on Stories
    • Module 5 Class 3 Audio
    • Hashtag Cheat Sheets - www.meaningfulmarketing.org
  • 7

    MODULE 6: Developing your Instagram strategy

    • Making your strategy work in harmony with the algorithm
    • Module 6 Intro
    • CLASS 1: Decoding the Algorithm
    • Module 6 Class 1a Audio
    • Module 6 Class 1b Audio
    • CLASS 2: The importance of being proactive, not reactive
    • Module 6 Class 2 Audio
  • 8

    MODULE 7: Deciding on your social tools

    • What and why you should be using social tools
    • Module 7 Intro Audio
    • CLASS 1: Deciding and defining what social tools you will use.
    • Module 7 Class 1 Audio
    • CLASS 2: Planning and getting the most out of social tools
    • Module 7 Class 2 Audio
    • Instagram Masterclass Social Tools List - www.meaningfulmarketing.org
  • 9

    MODULE 8: Measurement and Analytics

    • Get More Through Metrics
    • Module 8 Intro Audio
    • CLASS 1: The Metrics That Matter
    • Module 8 Class 1 Audio
    • CLASS 2: Interpreting Metrics
    • Module 8 Class 2 Audio
    • CLASS 3: Reviewing your strategy
    • Module 8 Class 3 Audio
  • 10

    MODULE 9: Converting Followers into Customers

    • Getting Customers through Instagram
    • Module 9 Intro Audio
    • CLASS 1: Converting Followers into Customers
    • Module 9 Class 1 Audio
    • CLASS 2: Using Customers to Get More Customers with UGC
    • Module 9 Class 2 Audio
  • 11


    • Summary
    • Audio Conclusion
    • Instagram Masterclass Tips & Tricks for 2020 - www.meaningfulmarketing.org
    • Instagram Masterclass Summary - www.meaningfulmarketing.org
    • Instagram Masterclass References - www.meaningfulmarketing.org

"Grace is a marketing maverick!"

Songbird Copywriting

"Grace is a marketing maverick! Background: When I first set-up my freelance business alongside a retail management role, I struggled to prioritise my Instagram marketing. With all my focus being on new clients, branding, admin and building a website, it always got pushed to the bottom of my to-do list. That's where Grace came in to save the day! She went away and looked at all the facts and figures and worked out a tailored social media strategy for my business. Her plan was thorough yet easy to read and interesting, and the hashtag bank is a total life hack. Not only has she saved me hours of time and research, but I have noticed an improvement in my follower engagement. Win! Oh, and she's totally lovely and down-to-earth, so dealing with her is a breeze. Thanks, Grace!" Songbird Copywriting
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Course Creator

Face & Founder of www.meaningfulmarketing.org

Grace Scott

Social Media Specialist & Instagram Whizz

Grace Scott

My name's Grace Scott and I'm the founder and face behind meaningfulmarketing. I set up as a freelance marketer in December 2018 and went full time in February 2019. Since then, my business has grown and helped to support other businesses with all their social media and digital marketing needs. ​The inspiration behind meaningfulmarketing.org came when I realised that there was a common problem with small businesses using marketing agencies: they were fed up with the astronomical costs for little return, and being passed around a group of people who worked for the agency but didn't really take the time to "get" their business. Now, I want to bring that to the next level by providing small businesses with the means to DIY marketing themselves, at their own pace, but still with professional guidance!